FindSpace Intro
I wrote FindSpace to plug a gap not quite filled by Finder in OS X. If you know where large files are on your disk, Finder will tell you how big they are. FindSpace, on the other hand analyses the size of every file on your disk and takes you to the big files by displaying directories sorted by disk usage though it won't tell you if you should delete them!

Click on the folder icons to drill down into directories or click on the name of the directory to take you back to the finder so you can take action. Don't forget to disconnect network drives before scanning or FindSpace will run forever trying to size files over the network. Sure, the interface is clunky as it is written in HTML but all I was looking for was a "no-frills" tool to find space on my Macbook's SD.

For such a simple tool it surprises me some folk just don't "get it"! Besides, it's free so be nice!